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Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics is established in accordance with the objectives of the Natural Rearing Breeder Connection (NRBC).
It is presented as a guideline for the use of NRBC members when breeding, buying, selling, and
exhibiting their animals. Violators of the NRBC Code of Ethics will be subject to prompt action under the NRBC discipline procedures.


As a member of the Natural Rearing Breeder Connection, I state that:

  • I am committed to feeding my dogs/puppies or cats/kittens on a completely raw (BARF, SARF) diet and do not feed cooked foods, processed kibble, or canned foods even as a supplement.

  • I do not vaccinate at all (except where required by state law).

  • I do not use toxic chemical products in, on, or around my dogs/puppies or cats/kittens such as tick/flea preventatives, household cleaners, laundry products, air fresheners, lawn/garden -cides, etc.

  • I have been feeding a raw SARF or BARF diet to my dogs/cats and weaning puppies/kittens onto raw for at least three (3) years.

  • I breed my dogs/cats with care and attention for the preservation and improvement of my chosen breed(s).

  • I test my breeding program in an objective venue such as conformation showing, work, tests, trials, etc.

  • I research true health, temperament, and conformation (correct structure) for each litter I breed.

  • I ensure that my dogs/cats offered for stud, and the bitches/queens that are accepted for service are in good health with strong immunity, free from communicable diseases, and that they are structurally sound.

  • I rear puppies/kittens in my home where they will get a maximum of human contact.

  • I rear puppies/kittens with maximum socialization, enrichment, and stimulation.

  • I health test my breeding dogs/cats for the diseases and/or health problems prevalent in the breed and provide copies of all appropriate health and genetic clearances to buyers.

  • I provide health and temperament information on my breed(s) in general as well as on my specific dogs/cats or puppies/kittens to all prospective buyers.

  • I register my litters with the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, The International Cat Fanciers, Cat Fanciers Asssociation; or other breed or breed-specific registries that have similar standards.

  • I provide all required documentation with each puppy/kitten in accordance with the rules and regulations of the registry.

  • I personally and carefully screen each prospective puppy/kitten buyer to ensure that the home is appropriate for the breed and the individual, and I make every effort to place puppies/kittens in homes where the new family will continue to rear them “Naturally” (raw diet/no vaccines/chemical-free environment.)

  • I remain available to my puppy/kitten buyers for their lifetime; mentor them if need be and provide education in Natural Rearing.

  • I take back puppies/kittens at any time during their life, ensuring that each dog/cat I breed has a home for its lifetime.

  • All placements are done by me, the breeder, never by third parties such as brokers, dealers, or wholesalers, nor through auctions or as prizes.

  • I will sell no animal to a commercial facility, lab, broker, pet shop, mill, or their agent.

  • I refuse to sell any puppy/kitten or adult dog/cat to a buyer who cannot or will not provide evidence of ability to properly care for the animal.

  • I hold myself responsible for the welfare of every dog/cat I breed and/or sell.

  • I will conduct myself at all times in such a manner as to reflect credit on Natural Rearing of my chosen breed(s).

  • I am a member in good standing of a breed-related, show-related, canine/feline education-related, breed rescue-related, working dog-related organization.

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