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Never Forget the Danger

So as not to forget how dangerous they are, this is a repost from Dr. Patricia Jordan.

Vaccines Drive Genetic Disease! By Dr. Patricia Jordan I know it's technical but these show how the vaccines cause gene damage and even the second paper how the breed or related genetic gene damage occurs from vaccines. Dogs have the same HLA but called for dogs. So, not human leucocyte antigen but canine leucocyte antigen.

Related genomes result in gene damage in related fashion. Think of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the heart disease, and now from what we know mercury does, also the spine damage scoliosis, and the spingomyelia. Think of how many times the dogs are vaccinated with unsafe and unnecessary vaccines-then why can't we see we make the breed damage from the very use of unsafe and unnecessary vaccines? Predisposition to vaccines triggering autoimmune disease?????? I think not, the vaccines are the origin of the gene damage first off! As unsafe and unnecessary as they are -remember not to be confused with "marketing masquerading as "science"! It is the "doctoring" the white coats are doing that is driving the gene damage and the dys-regulation of the immune system and as it turns out, genetic disease! Note the warning about genetic weakness of using genetically engineered vaccines. Sincerely, Dr. Jordan

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